Bernd H. Oppermann (Hg.)

International Legal Studies

by European Scholars of the ELPIS Network

The International Legal Studies (ILeS) of European scholars being collected in the present edition are developed versions of lectures in three languages given at academic occasions of the ELPIS university network between 2006 and 2009. Most of these valuable contributions were donated to a European academic audience in the frame of the annual ELPIS European Masters graduation ceremony. A famous entree of a French legal historian on European harmonisation in the context of internationalisation is provided by Prof. Argyriadis-Kervegan. Prof. Guillet, also from Le Havre, catches up on the fascinating debate of French Laicism controversially. The subject of globalisation and internationalisation of law serves Prof. Girard, Rouen, to develop some remarkable thoughts on the debate of scientific method(s) of legal comparison. The subject is taken up again and transformed by Prof. Xu, Shanghai, who develops his thoughts on the reaction of the Chinese legal system on challenges in respect of external affairs. The two articles of the Portuguese scholar Prof. Vasco Pereira da Silva on the subject of Europeanization of public and administrative law enable a multi-dimensional view on the subject matter. Problems of procedural law and contract law in the frame of arbitration clauses are treated by Prof. Schwartze, Innsbruck, and attractively resolved in close reference to European jurisdiction. Prof. Bachmaier Winter, Madrid, devotes her concentrated attention to the European enforcement order for uncontested claims in relation to national modes. Prof. Fenge, Hanover, opens a fascinating academic view on the source quality of judge-made law which appears to be a specific problem in the Europe of different legal traditions. The need for legal certainty within the European Union transforms this very subject into a matter of consistent interpretation, controversially debated by Prof. Oppermann, Hanover.

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