Willem Bollée

Alphabetic Contents of Bāṇa’s Kādambarī

Based on Gwendolyn Layne’s and David Smith’s translations

In the words of David Smith, “there is no Sanskrit poet more interesting than Bāṇa, none more original, none greater, and his prose poem “Princess Kādambarī” is his supreme achieve­ment. Always held in India to be the best prose poem, Bāṇa’s Kādambarī is a master­piece of classical Sanskrit litera­ture, unrivaled in rich­ness and depth.

The late Professor Willem Bollée (1927–2020) has prepared an index of words and notions of Bāṇa’s difficult and unique romance Kādambarī with a view to unclosing the wealth of cultural infor­mation contained in this second work of genius of Bāṇa. Professor Bollée has released the present edition for printing. It is the last mono­graph from his untiring pen.



Studia Indologica Universitatis Halensis | Band 17
1. Auflage 2020
gebunden, 173 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-86977-221-9

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