Kieffer-Pülz et al. | Studies on Buddhist Monastic Cultures
Kieffer-Pülz et al. | Studies on Buddhist Monastic Cultures

Petra Kieffer-Pülz/Taiken Kyuma/Philipp A. Maas/Satoshi Ogura (Hrsg.)

Studies on Buddhist Monastic Cultures

In 2021 and 2022 the Indological section of the “Seminar für Südasienkunde und Indologie” of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Petra Kieffer-Pülz and Philipp Maas) in collaboration with the Japanese Vihāra project (Taiken Kyuma and Satoshi Ogura) organised a workshop “Studies on Buddhist Monastic Cultures. German-Japanese Collaboration, Part 1 and 2” with a total of eight presentations. The present volume (edited by Petra Kieffer-Pülz, Taiken Kyuma, Philipp A. Maas, and Satoshi Ogura) contains articles by five scholars who have revised their lectures: (1) Annette Schmiedchen, “Vihāra, mahāvihāra, and vihāramaṇḍala: The Terminology for Buddhist Monasteries and Nunneries in Sanskrit Epigraphy from Late Antiquity to the Early Medieval Period”; (2) Petra Kieffer-Pülz, “The Meaning of vihāra in Pāli Literature”; (3) Ryuta Kikuya “Scripture and Commentary: The Transmission of *Mahāmantrānudhāriṇī in Indian Tantric Buddhism”; (4) Charlyn Edwards, “New Perspectives on Late Indian Buddhism, and Our Methods for Understanding It, from a Nālandā Inscription by a Lineage from Somapura Mahāvihāra”; (5) Shin’ichirō Hori, “Evidence of Buddhism in 15th-Century Eastern India: Dated Colophons of Sanskrit Manuscripts in Old Bengali Script”.


Studia Indologica Universitatis Halensis | Volume 27
1st edition
hardback edition
ISBN 978-3-86977-259-2

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