Info for authors

Information for authors of the university publishing house

The Universitätsverlag Halle-Wittenberg is open to all scientific publication offers. Especially we are  interested in the publication of outstanding dissertations and habilitations.
If you would like to offer us a manuscript, we ask you to provide us with the following information:
– your short CV
– for qualification work: university, department, institute
– the names of the reviewers
– the evaluations
– table of contents, short presentation of the work, one or two central chapters

You can send this information online to:
We will immediately check whether your work matches the publisher's profile. The final decision on acceptance of your manuscript is made by the scientific advisory board of the publisher.
Unfortunately, we demand publication subvention from you. In contrast to other publishers, however, we do not require you to print a manuscript - this work is done by our qualified staff. In addition, you will receive a generous number of author copies.
We attach great importance to the premium-quality of our books. The envelopes are produced in the high-quality four-color process using offset or digital printing machines. The careful sentence appears on read-friendly, yellowish paper, thus guaranteeing an appropriate appearance even in the interior for a very noble scientific work.
After the publication, we will take care of your book: We regularly publish information about our publishing program. We inform our current and potential customers about your book. We provide you with a flyer with information about your book as a PDF, so that you can also make sure that your work is known online.