Gornall | Vāgyogavidīyam
Gornall | Vāgyogavidīyam

Alastair Gornall (ed.)


In Praise of Knowledge: Essays in Honour of E. G. Kahrs

This edited volume brings together fifteen essays on classical Sanskrit, Pali, and Tamil literature from South and Southeast Asia in honour of Eivind Georg Kahrs, who was Reader in Sanskrit at the University of Cambridge from 1989 to 2017. E. G. Kahrs’s contributions to the scholarship on Southern Asia’s traditional language sciences, particularly vyākaraṇa ‘grammar’ and nirukta ‘semantic analysis’, brought new attention to these fields within the cultural and intellectual history of the region and redefined their study. The essays in this volume reflect E. G. Kahrs’s main research and teaching interests, especially traditional Southern Asian grammar and lexicography, Sanskrit and Pali literature, Buddhist philosophy, and the history of Orientalist and colonial philology. The volume is also prefaced with a concise overview of E. G. Kahrs’s academic career and a bibliography of his work to date.

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Studia Indologica Universitatis Halensis | Volume 22
1st edition 2023
hardback, 376 pages, 15 images
ISBN 978-3-86977-254-7

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